Containers for storage

04 july 2017

The one who works knows how important it is to eat on time. What if there is not a single café and no canteen nearby? The answer is simple: take food with you from home. Nevertheless, what storage to use in order to bring it? The rational solution is to purchase a convenient container. In such containers, it is possible to store food and at home, it is very convenient. However, to ensure that the products retain all their properties during storage, it is important to make the right choice.


First, determine the purpose of the container. Here are the moments worth paying attention to:


Containers for food storage made from a wide variety of materials. We will list some possible types:

  1. Plastic containers today, perhaps, are the most popular. They are light, easy to use and practical. The price of such products is low, which also always attracts buyers. However, despite all the visible virtues, there are some pitfalls. First, if the plastic is of poor quality, or is not intended for storing food , then it can eventually (or even immediately) begin to release harmful compounds (this material is made from refined products ). Nevertheless then, storage in such container, the food can become dangerous to health. If the container intended for food storage, then it must have a certain sign, which is an image of fork and a glass. If you see a pattern of crossed forks and a glass, then this capacity hast to be used for other purposes, but not for storage of food. In addition, if you want to warm up food in a microwave, then examine the container packaging and find information that it can be used for such purposes. However, remember that plastic can be damaged due to the impact of aggressive components of some products.       
  2. Glass containers considered the safest. Glass is capable of holding any environment; anything can be stored in there. Such container can be put into microwave without a twinge of conscience. However, you should be careful with such containers, as it is fragile and can break, which makes it almost impossible to use for storages lunches for work. Firstly, such container is quite overweight; secondly, it can break in the bag. Thirdly, liquid food can leak. In the glass, you can store cereals, cookies and much more. The price of such containers is considerable.  
  3. Metal containers. For sure, you now have imagined tin cans in which our mothers and grandmothers kept sweets, cookies and cereals. Today it will be difficult to find such, but you can buy a convenient and light metal container with a plastic cover. By using which you can bake something in the oven and immediately take it with you, covering it with a lid. It is convenient and practical. Nevertheless, do not try to put the container in the microwave! The cost of such container is average.
  4. Silicone also used for making food containers. Such material is light, fairly strong, hypoallergenic and harmless. It is impossible to break it; the lid closes tightly, ensuring tightness. It is applicable for use in the microwave, because it is heat-resistant and can withstand almost any temperature.

Single use or multi-use?

If it is more convenient for you to discard the container after use, single-use containers will become a real savior for you. They are made of thin plastic. Such material deforms under mechanical influences and may even burst, so that the liquid products should not be better stored in here.

In addition, sometimes if the lid does not fit tightly, then this might lead to leak. However, such containers are light and cheap, but do not try to wash them and use them again! This is not very convenient (after washing the quality deteriorates) and might be even dangerous (likely to cause harmful fumes under the influence of heat, water and other factors).

The form

The form is also matters. It all depends on your personal preferences and comfort. To whom it is better to store and take food in rectangular containers, others prefer round ones. Some containers made in the form of those products for storage of which are intended (so- called sandwiches and sandwich containers).

Extra functions

How to choose a container for storing food that would be convenient and even last food longer? Note some additional features:

Useful advices

Several useful advices for customers:

  1. Look over the lid. It should fit tightly the container.
  2. Read the information on the packaging. There should be data about the manufacturer and recommendations for use and care.
  3. Better to trust manufacturers with good reputation.
  4. If you store large amount of food, then it is better to buy sets. It is more convenient and more money saving for customer. They can include containers of different shapes and sizes.

Let the food last longer and not lose its properties!

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