Advantages of Luminarc tableware

30 june 2017

Why choose Luminarc?

Products of Luminarc go through all sorts of checks, in which many characteristics are controlled; tests are also used which stimulate the actual use of dishes at home. Control of production process guarantees the highest standards that are being set and followed. By choosing Luminarc, you choose its unique technical features, which guarantees satisfaction from using this tableware from day to day basis.

Luminarc is sturdy tableware

Luminarc is Resistant

Luminarc is Durable

Luminarc is Thermo-resistant

All Luminarc tableware and some types of drinking glasses manufactured from high quality material – shock resistant glass created by special melting technologies. During the manufacturing process, the dishes assess additional hardening process or called “tempered”, which guarantees higher mechanical and thermo resistance of products made. In result of application of special technologies, Luminarc tableware incapable to withstand more intense loads, than any other glass tableware. “Pendulum test is used in order to test products that are made from glass: the testing product is held stationary, meanwhile the ball with certain mass, fixed at the end of pendulum comes into motion and produces impacts on the rim of the product”. Tempered tableware Luminarc withstands temperature changes up to 135 ° С, which makes it safe to use in the microwave oven food container just removed from the refrigerator. “We study each unit of production, taking into account how it will be used be the consumer. This means that the material for making a particular serving item and the way it is processed will be selected based on the expected thermal load to which it will be exposed. For example, we choose a simple tempered glass for the production of microwave dishes, borosilicate glass for the oven and glass ceramics for dishes used on an open fire. One of our tests is that the dishes heated first in the oven to the set temperature and then some cold water poured into it. There could be no worst situation for the glass than this. If the dishes can withstand this, if they do not burst instantly, then we are sure that it will serve our customers with honor and with the usual daily use!”

Luminarc tableware suitable for washing in dishwasher

All items of Luminarc dinnerware (glassware or products from the innovative Zenix® material, clear and colored glass) are dishwasher safe. Tests carried out by the Arc International  laboratory make it possible to ensure that both the pattern applied to the dishes and the sheer shine of the glass serving objects adequately tolerate all the negative features that dishware is normally exposed to when washing in a dishwasher.” One of the premises of the “Laboratory of Quality” filled with rows of dishwashers, in which the dishes washed on long cycles. Approximately twenty machines daily produce up to ten washing cycles using detergents for the sole purpose of testing the resistance to the use of Luminarc products in the dishwasher: glasses, plates and cutlery. However, the tests conducted in the “Laboratory of Quality” are much stricter than normal daily use. After all, the remnants of food on the surface of the dishes falling into the usual dishwasher, in fact, protect the pattern on the dishes from the most aggressive detergents that, of course, not modeled during our laboratory tests. So, in fact, the endurance of Luminarc cookware and the resistance of its paints often even exceed the claimed ones”

Safe and sanitary ware Luminarc tableware

Most of the Luminarc tableware is made of glass. This material in any form (transparent, matte, and colored) has no pores, where microorganisms retained, which excludes the possibility of the emergence of bacteria. “The advantage of glass is that it is absolutely non-porous and therefore 100% hygienic and safe.” Even Luminarc porcelain is the least porous ceramic material (porosity 1%-2%). If you need tableware for children, then Luminarc is an ideal option!

Compact tableware of Luminarc

All tableware of Luminarc, items can be put in each other is made of tempered glass. The manufacturing technology gives the tableware a high impact resistance (resistance to mechanical and thermal effects). This tableware is practical: if you put one element in another, it can be stored in sustainable and compact piles. Folded in such way dining room sets does not take up much space and maintains its integrity – no item will be lost.




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Advantages of Luminarc tableware

Products of Luminarc go through all sorts of checks, in which many characteristics are controlled; tests are also used which stimulate the actual use of dishes at home.

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