How to choose cutlery set?

08 june 2017

Crockery is not the point at which to save. The price of the sets depends on the material, brand, packaging and number of actual spoons, forks, knives in the set. It is more rationale to buy sets with extra spoons, forks, knives, so there would be a guarantee of replacement if some will be lost.

The modern market offers a set of cutlery that consists of 24 pieces; their aim is 12 people. In sets of gift item, there are often additional devices, such as tongs or knives.

By choosing cutlery, you should pay your attention to the material from which it manufactured. The following options considered the most popular nickel silver, silver, medical (stainless) steel. 

The most common material for manufacturing cutlery is stainless steel. It also called “medical” because it almost does not react with alkalis, acids and salts. For manufacturing process, the most often material used is steel grade 18/10, which contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Chrome gives the alloy strengths, stainless properties and nickel protects against aggressive food acids and gives shine. These knives, forks and spoons are easy to clean, durable, they do not absorb alkalis and odors.

Before buying crockery, it is important to evaluate its quality. Forks and spoons should have a seal on the bends, which guarantees durability. The teeth of quality forks are distinguished by medium sharpness and polishing on each side. There should be no manufacturing defects on cutlery, for example, jags, roughness. They do not have to smell, the smell of metal will mean the poor handling. It is worth looking at the color and shine of the selected cutlery. Matte or pronounced shine is present in almost every such thing; the exception is only a design idea. Smooth surface and characteristic metallic color can guarantee the quality of the set.

Forks, knives and spoons are required to hold in your hand before buying. They should not be overweight; they should be comfortable to hold. A distinctive feature, which when choosing should be taken into account, is the design of cutlery. It should be attractive and satisfy individual tastes.


The company «Domplast» is the official distributor of the cutlery of the Italian factory “Pintinox”.

Today Pintinox is the third generation of the family company, consisting of four cousins, each of which plays a key role in the company. Significant modernization forced the company to equip production with industrial automated systems and update the product range from which any customer is benefiting now.


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08 june 2017

How to choose cutlery set?

Crockery is not the point at which to save.